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    QlikSense Desktop 2.1.1 crashing during Load

    Alexis Hadjisoteriou



      I have a relatively simple model (NO synthetic keys!) loading transaction headers and detail lines for a small supermarket chain.

      I have headers/details for 2014, 2015 and 2016. In total we have about 80 million records and the QVD files are totaling about 3.5 gb in size on the directory, and the QVF file with everything loaded (on the one time that I managed to load everything without crashing) was 1.1 gb.


      My laptop is i5 with 8gb of RAM running Windows 7 Professional. Using QlikSense 2.1.1. The tell-tale sign of an imminent crash during a load is a black screen and then total freeze where either powering off and On is the only way to get the laptop restarted - on one occasion I even had to remove the battery. On one occasion it finished loading, saved the application and then all I did was click the Windows Performance Monitor that was minimised on the side and it "black-screened"...


      Once the laptop is back up and running, invoking the QVF shows me the message

      "The app file you are attempting to load from is corrupt"

      and all my work gone - I managed to get the source code from an old log file in C:\Users\Alexis\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Log  but otherwise I am at a loss as to how to trace the issue - there is no way of running my application through a "Governance-style" application such as the one that exists in QlikView or QlikSense (server).


      Any tips on where to look for info - what log files might offer me an answer. Loading the same data files in QlikView causes no such problems.


      Thanks in advance