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    QV9 SR3 IE Plug-In - Simultaneous Session Lock Up


      Some of our users, who are running multiple Qlikview web sessions on the same machine, are finding that frequently the second (or subsequent) session hangs.

      When the problem occurs, the second application opens with data, but the sheet drop down shows sheet names from the first application. The sheet drop down and bookmarks continually flash and no selections can be made from the screen at all. Doing an Internet Explorer --> View --> Refresh does not fix the problem. The only solution to get Qlikview working again is to shut down the second application and only have one session running.

      This seems to occur randomly.We duplicated the problem with only 3 applications open and we have also managed to reach 8 applications without problems. Once the problem occurs, the only way the user can then run qlikview is to only have one session at a time.
      On investigation, it didn't appear to be a memory issue (user had 2 GB of RAM) and it occurs with different levels of internet explorer - most of our users are on explorer 6, while some are on a later version. Removing and re-installing the plug-in made no difference.

      We have searched the QlikView forums extensively to see if any other customers have the same issue, but we haven't found any. We are very concerned that the same issue will still occur when we upgrade our server to QV9. The ability to have two QlikView applications open at the same time is very important to our key users.