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    NPrinting Word Report

      Hi All,


      I'm using NPrinting to create a word report on demand. Everything is working fine with the on demand functions.


      The set up of the NPrinting report is as follows:

      • The data needed from 3 QV tables and placing the individual field into the word document.
      • The fields within these tables are placed within the word template. It's set up like a mail merge.
      • There will only be one row of data in each of these tables.
      • Users can not generate the report until a single record has been selected within the QV dashboard.


      My issues is, if the field has a null or blank ('') value the name of the field will remain in the document <Field Name 1> rather than being surpressed.


      The only way around this, that i've found so far, is to test the value in the load script and replace null values with a single space (' ')


      Has anyone experainced this or found another way around it?


      Many thanks, Simon


      Pathfinder Analytics Limited

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          Mike Czerwonky



          I like your work around and I usually try to have a way to deal with nulls.  Here is a creative thought for you to solve your problem.


          When your are placing your field in your Word template, use a formula.  In this case an if statement.  If the value is not null than, show your field.  the alternate in my case is to show Test.   You can replace test with space n/a or whatever character you want.


          Surgeon is the name of a field in my data model and this only produces output when it is selected.


          =if([Surgeon] <> null(), [Surgeon],'Test')


          If you have 4 fields, you can create 4 formulas




          Hope that helps or at least gets you thinking to find your answer.