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    How to generate AJAX files with QVS 9.0

      In our 8.5 environment we have a Server/Publisher that publishes our documents as AJAX files on a remote machine, from which a second QVS serves them up. To accomplish this, we're using a "QlikView Server Resource". Its "Zero foot print client files" setting is set to a UNC path on the remote server and the "Zero foot print client files url" setting is the root HTTP path on the second QVS. We then set up our distribution tasks to publish to that QlikView Server Resource. Voila! We have directories containing the pre-compiled HTML files that our second QVS can now serve up.

      I've been trying to replicate this in a 9.0 dev environment, but I can't seem to figure out how. I haven't found the equivalent of the QlikView Server Resource or any other information on how to publish the standalone HTML files for AJAX. It seems as though the AJAX is now just generated on the fly from the AccessPoint, but we do not plan to deploy that way.

      Maybe I'm missing something obvious?

      Any and all help is appreciated.