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    Scheduled tasks to run every 2hrs fails every time - log ok

    Friedrich Hofmann



      we have one QlikView-app that has been around for quite a while. Since approx. a week ago, it fails every time - that is one of the last apps in a cascade that runs every 2hrs. That particular app then always runs at approx. xx:25 - the others take that long.

      The strange thing about it is that the log is current every time and shows no error whatsoever, but still the app fails and the data is not current.

      When my colleague, who can log on to the server and run the app manually, runs it, he gets an error message about some "sharing violation while accessing ...qvw" - he can click on OK and the report finishes all right.


      => Well, seeing that the report waits for an interaction from the user, it's logical that, missing this, it must fail - but what is this? I've never seen this before.


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,