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    auto reports


      I have created a report task and scheduled it to run at a certain time, but it didn't run automatically, and i had to run it manually(and it worked).  

      what am I doing wrong..?


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          Mike Czerwonky

          Assuming that you did actually start the schedule.  If you are running on your client, you have to leave the application open in order for schedules to run.  Did that help?


          Scedule start.PNG

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            Colin Albert

            After saving the schedule, you must also save the .nsq file for the task to be picked up by NPrinting server.

            So you need to click save on the overall project window.


            It also takes about 10-20 seconds for the updated tasks to be registered on the server so make sure you leave a few minutes between the start time of the task and the current time.


            Check the end of the current NPrinting log file to see that the schedules have updated and then that the job has actually started.

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              Mike Czerwonky

              From your image, it appeared that you were trying to run your report from your client.  Following up one what Colin said, if you are running from your Server, you can use the monitoring tool to see that your job actually was scheduled to run.  In this case, I have a job that completed a while ago.  All jobs that are properly scheduled will show up here on this screen

              server monitoring tool.PNG


              I use both the scheduler on the server and the client pretty frequently, so we seem to have covered the basics here

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                  thank you all, I did run it from the client and wasn't aware NPrinting needs to stay open.

                  how can I run it from the server(or anyway without having to keep nprinting open)? and by the way, when I open the monitoring tool it's empty without any projects scheduled...


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                      Stephen Jasionowski

                      If you have the server, here is how you can load a schedule to run as a Windows service: How to Configure QlikView NPrinting 16 Service


                      Initially, you will have to stop the service from the management console and add in any NSQs or folders where your NSQs are stored.


                      Note: I would always recommend adding a folder rather than adding a file. If you add a folder, any new .nsq that appears in that directory will have its schedule accounted for. Otherwise you will have to stop the service, manually add the .nsq and then restart the service.

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                        Mike Czerwonky

                        As Colin suggested.  You create the scheduled job and then save the schedule and then the NSQ.  The NSQ needs to be saved in the designated folder on your Server drive.  The Server will then poll the NSQ to see if it has any pending schedules and will display them in the monitoring tool.  You should have set this location when you were setting up the server.  Not sure how often the server polls, but it always seem to show up almost immediately for me in the monitor