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    Dimension: Union of 2 Columns

      I'd like to get the percentage of something happening based on two dimensions.


      For example, I a table looked like this:


      FruitA             FruitB            Result

      Apples           Oranges          1

      Bananas         Pears             1

      Pears             Apples            0



      My desired result would look like this

      Dimension      Measure

      Apples              50%

      Oranges           100%

      Bananas           100%

      Pears                50%



      If it helps I've worked out the percentage of something happening based on one column:

      measure  = (sum(Result)/count(total <FruitA> Won))*100

      dimension = FruitA


      This returns a result of:

      Dimension      Measure

      Apples               100%

      Bananas             100%

      Pears                   0%