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    Load script contains invalid characters ($)

    Brandon Nelson



      I'm attempting to load two columns from an Oracle database.




      It throws an "ErrorSource: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Driver, ErrorMsg: [Oracle][ODBC][ora]ORA-00904: "CHECKSUM$": invalid identifier SQL SELECT "PROJECT_ID", "CHECKSUM$" FROM TABLENAME;


      I know the problem is related to the "CHECKSUM$" column because when I remove it my query works without issue. It does not like the fact that there's a dollar sign within the column heading. Are there any ways on the QlikView side to "escape" the dollar sign when loading this column? I'm open to any ideas and re-trying things in the hopes that it works on a second time around. Lastly I'm unable to modify the existing database in any way.


      I am using QlikView 11.20 Desktop