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    Dynamically hide list box options?

    Karen Anjema

      I have a few List Boxes in my Qlikview project.

      List Box A contains three options:





      Then I have a couple other List Boxes, containing dimensions and metrics.  These two list boxes are both created from the contents of inline tables specified in the Script.


      Some of the dimensions and metrics don't apply to the 'Curriculum' data.  If a user chooses 'Curriculum' in List Box A, I would like to disable or hide specific dimensions and metrics in the other two list boxes.


      I know that I can conditionally show & hide columns in a chart; I'm doing that in my main chart, when users choose dimensions and metrics.  However, since the metrics & dimensions are list boxes, and are loaded from inline tables, I don't know who to show/hide them based on the current selection in List Box A.


      Is this possible, and if yes, how  can it be done?


      Thank you,