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    Licensing analysis with log files?

    Eric Johnson

      We are working towards license expansion/growth at our company but are being tasked by IT to assess current app usage relative to license types. We currently have about 160 users (70 named, 90 doc CALS) on about 20 apps. I've got the license analyzer and governance dashboard, however aside from general concurrency metrics, I'm at a loss for what type so analysis I can provide to IT to ensure we're optimizing our current license model. In other words, can anyone provide any insight or general benchmark numbers for usage? Is there a magic number of users and sessions or concurrency at which point a concurrent session CAL becomes a more viable option? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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          Kaushik Solanki

          Hi Eric,


          One of the most useful use case of the license analyzer is that it will tell you which user has used the document when, which will help you to know that which users are using the QlikView application and how frequently. Which is in other words how my users are using the licenses? are they actually using? If not then why they are not using, can I revoke the license and allocate to the user who is in actual need.


          Because each license is a cost, it is important for IT to ensure that they are being used regularly.


          Hope this helps.



          Kaushik Solanki

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            Peter Cammaert

            Indeed, it's all about cost and that is the part those tools cannot help you with in an easy way. You'll have to do a few calculations yourself.


            Two general rules of thumb, based on cost:

            • a Named CAL is worth about 4 Doc CALs. A user that has been assigned 4 or more Doc CALs should get a Named CAL.
            • a Session CAL is worth about 10 Named CALs (and by extension 40 or more Doc CALs) but only serves one user at a time. If you have a huge number of users, but only N need concurrent access at any one time, do a cost calculation for each type of CAL to see whether N Session CALs are a cost-efficient option for you.