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    Limit a Dimension to a specific Date in a Table

      I have a table in Qlik Sense with 3-columns: two dimensions, and one measure: metricDate, AccountCode, and Count(Tickets)

      However I want my table to only show records for a single date (there will be many rows for this date). I get the right date like this:



      (Max Date where the Incident Cost value is not 0)


      The calculation above works perfectly in a KPI - but not as a 'dimension limitation; for my dimension metricDate.


      Is there any way I can use something like this to force the table to only return records for that date that works in the KPI? I'm assuming I need an expression for the "dimension limitation' but I'm not sure. (Due to requirements we don't want the user to pick this date themselves from a filter box - unless we can default the filter box to that date).


      FYI: the KPI correctly returns 2016-02-14 (but it will change often)


      Thank you in advance for your help!