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    calculating number of minutes between incoming hour and '16:15'

    Kim Goedmakers



      I am trying to calculate the number of minutes between an incoming timestamp e.g. '


      31-dec-14 08:05:00



      and the fixed hour '16:15'


      Defined some calculations in the load script:



          TIME("Sessie - OK zaal in tijdstip",'hh:mm:ss') as Time_in,

          MakeTime(16,15) as Cutoff_time,

          INTERVAL(MakeTime(16,15) - Maketime(10,15),'mm') as Interval_static,

          INTERVAL(MakeTime(16,15) - TIME("Sessie - OK zaal in tijdstip",'hh:mm:ss'),'mm') as Interval_dynamic,

          TIME(INTERVAL(MakeTime(16,15) - TIME("Sessie - OK zaal in tijdstip",'hh:mm'),'mm')) as Interval_dynamic_format


      Testresult "interval static" returns what I expected (240 min), but when trying to apply the same logic to my real time in, i am unable to get the correct answer.


      Any ideas on how to do this? Thanks for your help and time. Capture.PNG