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    Why schedule Task failed in publisher 9.0 SR3

      Hi all,

      I have defined several reload & publish task in publisher 9.0.

      It runs succcessfully, but once or twice in a week one or two task failed. When I open management console & run the failed task then again it works successfully. I have 9.0 SR3.

      sometimes I also get warning message like

      1. QVS Distribution completed with success.
      Distribution reported warnings for resource "Di_Invoice_ComapnyGroup_QVS_2" (QlikViewServerDistributionResource). Warnings=5
      Distribution to resources reported warnings. Warnings=6
      Distributing (0), Warnings (76500), Deleting temp files (76500), Next round! (76515)
      The task "Di_Invoice_ComapnyGroup" finished with warnings. WarningCount=7.

      2.Killing the QlikView Engine. ProcessID=3436
      Closed the QlikView Engine successfully. ProcessID=3436
      Initializing (0), Finished (13984)
      Reload completed successfully.
      The task "Reload_Publish_Invoice" finished with warnings. WarningCount=1

      Please let me know anybody.