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    Bar Chart Time Sorting



      I am a new Qlik user, and am just starting in the world of analytics.


      I have a client that recently asked me to build a "Beat Rate" chart in Qlik. Apparently this type of chart comes from a Six Sigma methodology.


      I thought this kind of implementation would be simple, as basically it is just recreating a trend. The data recorded on a production line looks like this.



      My load script looks like this.



      Dead simple, 2 columns, one with a time stamp, one with a value. The above is a snip of sample data that I have manually generated, but the source data will by coming from an SQL query that looks the same as above.


      I want to use a bar chart that basically gives me the value for a given time stamp ordered by time ascending. However when I load the data into the Qlik Sense bar chart tool, I get this.



      All of the values are grouped together, with a bunch of leading zero records. They are not ordered numerically ascending by time.

      I've added time as a dimension and beat rate as a value.


      When I apply sorting options, it seems to only sort the label associated with the data, and not the order of the data itself.

      I want this bar chart to be sorted linearly by time. My sorting option look like this.



      This also doesn't make sense to me. If this bar graph is a representation of "sorting by load order" why would Qlik on the data import, first import all the 0 records, and then the records with values? This makes no logical sense.


      Thanks in advance for any help. I'm very new at this!