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    NPrinting recipient import from QlikView entity filter failure

    Olivia Maurice

      I am running a recipient import in NPrinting from a table box created in QlikView. I have several filters set up and they are all working except for one of them. One of the filters gives the error filter does not exist.


      This filter is set up the exact same way as all the other filters (which are successfully being imported). It is in the format [field name] = {userID} <verify>. Also, I can manually set up the filter for an individual and it does not throw that error, the userID is found when I try to select a value within the field. When I look in my QlikView application, both the filter ([field name]) and the value (userId) are in the application the exact way as I have them formatted in my recipient import.


      One of the fields being imported successfully comes from the exact same table and I pull them both in the exact same way. Any ideas as to why I could be getting this error?