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    Hide File From End User

      Hi Folks,

      How can I use standard publisher to reload a file in Qlikview 9 and not show that file to my end user in Qlikview server. Is there a way of reloading files without them being in a mounted folder or alternatively is there a way of not displaying them in Qlikview Server if they are in a mounted folder. I am looking to do this within the qlikview suite if possible. ie without modifying NTFS permissions to prevent the appropriate files from showing up in qlikview server for the end users.

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        • Hide File From End User
          Vlad Gutkovsky

          With Publisher standard, you can only reload files that are in either your root folder or one of your mounts. With Publisher Enterprise, you get added "Source Document Folders" which split up this functionality. You can reload other files with Publisher standard using command line reloads and Windows Task Scheduler (to do a command line reload, you need QV Desktop installed on the server).

          Regarding hiding files from end users, just make sure they do not have read NTFS permissions on the file. And, of course, make sure that your Publisher account has full permissions.


          • Hide File From End User

            You could use the flag "Browsable", unfortunately there's a bug

              • Hide File From End User
                Bill Britt

                That is not what the Browsable box is for. If you look at the QVS reference manual





                Mark this check box if the mounted folder and its contents should be browsable from the



                Open in Server

                dialog in QlikView. This setting has no bearing on files shown to a user on the Access Point.