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    QMC: empty status list after mount a new folder


      Every time that I mount a new folder in the QlikView Management Console, the list of the Status tab appears empty. I don't see any task schedule (however they run fine) and when I reload a task manually, it runs but doesn't trigger the next task to run.

      Usually, to solve this problem, I need to check if there is a file in the TaskResults folder that references a task/document that doesn't exists any more (in my setup: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\QlikTech\Publisher\Qlikview Distribution Service\TaskResults).

      It seems that QlikView has problems with the cleanup when documents appear or disappear.

      Anybody has similar troubles? Solutions or workarounds?



      UPDATE: this time, it was related with 2 new schedules. I removed the schedules and the status list is back again. Definitely, QMC has problems refreshing with task/document updates.


      Thanks in advance.