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    Help with Set Analysis

    Laerte Souza


      I’m new with Qlik Sense and I’m having some problem to do a Set Analysis.

      I have a database with this fields:  Client, YearId, MonthId, Asset and Balance


      If I select in a variable one year (ex: 2016) and one month(ex:1) I need to do this things:

      Find all Clients that have sum(Balance)<>0 in YearId=2015 and MonthId=1 that doesn’t have sum(Balance) in YearId=2016 and MonthId=1. This means, the Clients that had Balance in past and don’t have Balance today.


      After this for this Clients, I need to know the greater Balance in the last 2 Years. In this example, the greater Balance since 2014.

      I try many things but I can’t find the correct answer.


      Attached a file with the data example.

      The correct answer to this data is: Client=2 and Balance=720 (Greater Balance was in 2014/01)


      Could you help me please?


      Thank you in advance.