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    Variable in set analysis ( very simple in theory ...)

    bruno bertels

      Hi Qlik Sensers


      hre is my problem


      i have a bar chart that give number of sending calls per quarter of hour like this :

      if a select a particular week ( let say week 7) it's cumulating sending calls per quarter for all the days of the week.

      I did first 5 charts for each weekday and then i thought i could manage this with a VARIABLE to select wich day i want to show data per quarter.

      I thougt it would be easy ....


      I use qsvariable and set variable name vJourSemaine

      select render as "button" like that :

      then add : add alternative and enter this :

      value 0 label Lundi ( monday)

      value 1 label Mardi ( Thuesday) etc still friday


      Then in my expression I add this :




      count number of Teleop where field In/Out is "sortant" and dimension "JourSemaine" (weekday) is equal to my variable


      But it does'nt work


      What I am doing wrong ?


      thanks for help