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    Value Disappears?

    Cassandra Baqir

      I have a table that contains a Dimension called Portfolio and an Expression called ETC.


      ETC: round(Sum({$<FISCAL_YEAR=,APP_DATE={">$(=Max({<ACT_AMT={'>0'}>}APP_DATE))"}, FCST_DATE = {"$(=date(max(FCST_DATE), 'MM-DD-YYYY'))"}>}FCST_AMT), 1000)/1000 


      The idea is to either select one Portfolio to focus on or dill down into the Projects that roll up to the Portfolio.


      In one example, Program-T should a value of 70 for the ETC expression when no filters are selected. However, clicking on Program-T in the Dimension field or from a list box causes the 70 to disappear.


      In the project view, I can see the row with the 70 for ETC when it's not filtered but it disappears when the Program is selected.


      Any thoughts?