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    Qlik demos to be used for development

    Mohammad Adnan Ansari

      Can we develop our own models within demo files provided by Qlik. Since they are personal edition ready and are transportable within multiple installed personal editions?

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          Onno van Knotsenburg

          Only Qlik employees can create QVW files with an "embedded license" which can then be used on QlikView Personal Edition.


          In some occasions a partner can ask Qlik to embed a license for him/her, but this is a choice between partner and partner manager.


          So in short:


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            Peter Cammaert

            Unfotunately, you cannot.


            Once one personal edition modifies-reloads-saves a Qlik demo document, the embedded license is replaced by the "license"-identifier of that Personal Edition. All other personal editions will now regard it as an externally created document and will try to "recover" it. Sorry.


            If you want to do real development using QlikView, you should buy one or more licenses. Qlik still offers local licenses that do not require you to buy a server. Personal Edition is for evaluation purposes only.