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    section access task failing

    kalyan prasunna



      I have a small section access application. I load security table. In actual data table also i have entries for INTERNAL\SA_SCHEDULER AND DOMAINNAME\SERVICEACCOUNT in capital letters. All values exist for both accounts in security table with out any restrictions.

      when i load data with my NT account it works with out any issues. when i schedule task it fails. I checked section access from this url and https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/1.1/Subsystems/Hub/Content/Scripting/Security/DynamicDataReduction.htm


      Am i doing anything wrong ?





      SQL Select  distinct ACCESS,USERID, REDUCTION

      FROM dbo.Security;

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          Onno van Knotsenburg

          Does the local administrator account that is running your Qlik server have the right permission for this dbo.security table?

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            Fernando Keuroglian



            For sure its a permission problem, when you acces to the server what is the user? this user have all the needed permission? try to change the user and try


            Good Luck



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              kalyan prasunna

              I just added service account running qlik sense services to security table. It has dbowner permissions on the database and still no luck.


              When i access QMC i use my NT account which is a root admin and have all entries in security table. My NT account has permisisons on the table and also database owner for the database. When i excute from dataload editor with my NT account and it works.


              When i access to server i use service account. I logged into VM server and opened QMC and executed task. Still no use


              I have same entries in the security table for my nt account records and also service account and internal\scheduler account


              I am unable to figure out what mistake that i am doing. I have attached security table in excel exported from sql server


              Please provide some input



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                kalyan prasunna



                I logged into server using service account and went to hub. accessed app got denied message. I duplicated app into service account my work and opened app with out data and did try Load Data. It worked.


                I went back to QMC Tasks and executed from server and it worked. I came to my local machine and opened QMC using my NT account and executed task and it worked.


                My analysis is that even though i have data in app already loaded which contains service accoint in security table it did not work. I had to open hub using service account and after loading load data it started working


                Seems weird to me as so many limitations loading data. Let me know if i did correct or wrong



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                  Michał Ogonowski

                  Hi, change the row with user INTERNAL\SA_SCHEDULER to:



                  will solve Your problem