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    Sorting in bar chart issue

    Imrich Antal

      Hi all,

      I am facing an issue with sorting data in a bar chart. Seemed easy enough but it's proving to a tricky one.


      I am using an expression to sort the data (num(Event_Dt) & num(Interval_Time) ) which  gives me an unique timestamp of a date and a 15 min interval (say 22/02/201607:45 in number format). The dimension is Interval_Time and the Expression is a simple sum of ItemIDs. There's one challenge: a day is split up into three shifts - the last one is over 2 days (from 10pm to 6am the following day).


      I tried moving this sorting expression into the load but I'm having no luck... created a new field that would create a sequence number which I could use on sorting and which would solve the last shift overlap of two days, i.e. the sequence would go from 99 as the last possible for today and 100 as first tomorrow. I also tried autonumber() or creating a min() and max() of times and then autogenerating a sequence number... nothing works.


      Any suggestions??


      Thanks a lot!