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    Load selection to Array and use it as dimension


      I have tried to search a little on this, but don't find anything that is useful. Maybe I'm looking for a bad solution?


      Today I have a pivot that list material that are included in structures (products). And I have color coded it with blue, pink and green. Based on if the material have quantity in just one of them or both.


      And just have a color code on the text based on MAX or MIN number. So this work just fine, but doesn’t support to analyze more than 2 structures.


      So I got the idea to use an array maybe? And load the array with an ID and 'product number'.


      Any suggestion how I should do?

      =if(Sum({<[Product number] = {"$(=Min([Product number]))"}>}Quantity)>0 and Sum({<[Product number] = {"$(=Max([Product number]))"}>}Quantity)>0,RGB(77,167,65),
      if(Sum({<[Product number] = {"$(=Min([Product number]))"}>}Quantity)>0 and Sum({<[Product number] = {"$(=Max([Product number]))"}>}Quantity)=0,RGB(0,153,204),
      if(Sum({<[Product number] = {"$(=Min([Product number]))"}>}Quantity)=0 and Sum({<[Product number] = {"$(=Max([Product number]))"}>}Quantity)>0,RGB(232,146,124),RGB(192,192,192))))