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    Qlik Sense Enterprise

      Hello all,


      I'm a bit confused. I need to install a Qlik Sense server and I have the license to Qlik Sense Enterprise Production.


      Is it the same with another naming or do I need another license??


      Thanks for the clarification.

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          Onno van Knotsenburg

          There is no such thing as a server license for Qlik Sense. You buy tokens and can then license an unlimited amount of servers. The server version of Qlik Sense is called Qlik Sense Enterprise.


          So I guess there is some confusing naming in order.

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            Andy Weir

            Following on from Onno's Tokens.  They can be used as frequent or infrequent users.


            Frequent User mode = 1 assigned known user to access apps on a given server as per their security rights any time they want to.

            Infrequent User mode = 10 sessions of 1 hour to be used by a group of unknown users.  Once the token is used for the hour/disconnected it is deactivated for 28 days until it become active again,


            Tokens can be repurposed when active from frequent to infrequent and visa versa and can be assigned to separate streams to ensure they are only used for particular apps on the same server.

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              Sangram Reddy

              Hi Anna,


              Its just the tokens and the control number you need to set a server version.