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    Calculate percentage of grand total

      I have a data modal like the printscreen below:

      2016-02-22 14_01_38-Map1 - Excel.png


      Now I want to show the absence percentage per Year-period / Type

      The total absence for period 2016-02 is 50% and per type is 25%.


      In my barchart I have 2 dimensions:  Year-Period and Type and 1 measure something like Sum(Absence hour) / Sum(Hour).


      The problem is the bar chart always show 100% because it devides 16 by 16 or 8 by 8.


      How can I make my bar chart it shows 50% in 2 dimensions (Type) of each 25%? I would like to devide Type (=8) by total hours (=32). I can not make this work. Can someone point me in a good direction?