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    Bookmarks in the Access point

      Are bookmarks that are created on the Accesspoint stored in the QVW application they are created in or are they stored on the server? The question stems from the ability to update the QVW application. If the QVW application comes out with Version 2 and over writes the previous version that a bookmark was created in, will the bookmark still exist or will the user have to create new bookmarks in the updated version?

      I've looked the forum and haven't been able to find an answer to my question.

        • Bookmarks in the Access point
          Jerry Somsen

          Bookmarks are stored on the Accesspoint server if the user selects "Save as server bookmark". If the QV user doesn't save on the server then the BM will be stored on the users local computer. Only document bookmarks are saved in the actual QV analytic. Your bookmarks will be retained either way with a new version as long as the document name stays the same.

          We have not found much luck in retaining bookmarks when we upgrade to a new version of Qlikview.

          Hope this answers your question.