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    Design - Tables with multiple links and loops

      Hello All,


      I'm facing a problem with the design of my model in qlik sense : I have in my datawarehosue several (dimension) tables that have multple links withe other tables.  For example :




      Here the problem is that

      - A contact is linked to 1 company and 0 or 1 organisation --> I cannot break the link between company and contact

      - An organisation is linked to 1 company

      This is very simplified, but the 3 tables also have multiple links to my fact table (purchase).

      So I have a loop. My first idea was to load my Organisation table twice with 2 different names. But this happends on a lot of other tables in the dwh, so I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing here.

      Would there be any other solution than loading the tables multiple time? Do you guys think I have a design issue in my datawarehouse?

      I'm a bit lost here, so I'd really appreciate any comment/help.

      Thanks a lot,