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    Macro SETS and Printing Report problem - CODE - 911

      Hi everyone,

      I'm working on a huge project and I have a deadline in next few days, right now i'm stuck on print report. Everything is working fine on the QV side, as soon as i try to print (PDF) for all products in selected department. its showing me wrong counts following is DB structure and one my my count expression.

      Product Category SubCategory ProductName

      1 Cars Honda-Civic Civic-1000

      2 Cars Honda-Accord Accord -5000

      3 Cars Toyata - Camry Camry-2000

      4 Liquor Wines wine-101

      5 Liquor Beers Bud-Light

      REPORT : (Chart - Table)

      ProductName Sales Category AVG. SubCategory AVG.

      Civic-1000 1M 50M 10M

      now, in these KPIs i need Sales Averages for Category and Subcategory too and it works fine in QV, but i need to generate reports for all products in Selected Category. and when i do print report it gives me wrong AVGs.

      Selection : Users always select a Category , Subcategory and Product

      My Expression.

      Sum({$ <ProductName = , ProductId = > } ProductSales)

      Note: Report is a Chart Table.

      This equation is not working in the Print Report where i'm banding report with the ProductID. initial Selection for print all the Product report is as following

      SELECTION for PRINT ALL PRODUCTS : Category - Cars


      Also, i have a macro which implements the selection for the Subcategory as soon as you change the ProductId or Product Name. in short for this SET Equation to work i must have Sub-category Selected. so i have a Macro.

      Please HELP.