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    how to include an average within a function MIN?

      Hi, I have a question when trying to customize a measurement calculation chart.


      Example: I have the following data table:

      Juan MendazAAA100%0%100%50%100%
      Juan MendazBBB100%100%100%100%100%
      Pablo PerezCCC100%0%100%100%0%
      Karina UlloaDDD100%0%50%100%


      Karina UlloaEEE100%100%100%100%100%
      Karina UlloaFFF100%100%100%50%100%


      I need to calculate the minimum value for each leader and the average of each of the areas (Management, Architecture, Quality, Operations and Security) project, and I tried with this function:

      Min(Aggr(Avg(Architec)avg(QA)avg(Perfom)avg(Oper)avg(Security),Leader)) but does not work in the chart, the chart included as measurement data does not recognize "the graph is not shown because it only contains undefined values."


      Thank you help me shape the appropriate function for calculating I need in graph.


      I'll be very greatful.