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    Few Qlik Sense Server problems



      We are having a few Qlik Sense server problems at the moment.



      Images are not showing up for other users, the thumbnails are broken and images on dashboards does not show up.

      Users have Read, Update rights and the admin user can see the images through content libraries content urls.

      Security rule is set to default.



      Tasks: Reload license manager and Reload operations manager both return status failed

      We have delete the logs, upgraded the qlik sense server and restarted multiple times, but nothing takes affect.

      Always showing up the same kinda error message:


      2016-02-23 07:37:34 UTC

      Message from ReloadProvider: Reload failed in Engine. Check engine or script logs.


      2016-02-23 07:37:34                Error: Field not found - <ProxySessionId>

      2016-02-23 07:37:34                General Script Error

      2016-02-23 07:37:34                Execution Failed

      2016-02-23 07:37:34                Execution finished.


      The Qlik Sense server was a version 2.0.1 but we upgraded to 2.0.6

      Still having all the same issues as before.


      Any helping hands or thoughts?





      Niko S.