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    How to refer to other values in a graph

    Timo Schrama



      I'm awed by all the possibilities and all the help in the QlikSense forum. Hopefully I can contribute soon in answering some questions. For now, I've got one question.

      I've setup a line graph in which I want to calculate another line based upon values from the first X-value. I'm nearly there, but it's not how I like it. The dimension is 'year'.


      I've got actual data per illness for 1 hospital per region and the complete data per regio for the year 2012. So I can show the marketshare for this hospital. I've also got predictions of the growth of the complete region (2020, 2030, 2040, etc.). 

      What I would like to show is the marketshare (in 2012) times the prediction in 2020, 2030 en 2040. So as to get the expected amount of patients for this hospital.

      What I've done is set up a measure, called Marketshare and then added it to my line graph:



      This gives me a line with the same marketshare for all years (i don't want this line, but I don't know how to get the next line, without this step... )

      So next I've included a measure, called HospitalPatients:


      This does the trick: I now have a line in my graph showing exactly what I need.


      But I also see the line of Marketshare (a straight line, because it's always the same value, i.e. marketshare of 2012). I don't know if it's possible to 'not show' a line, but I guess I need to take on a different approach. Any suggestions?


      I tried to use the formula instead:


      But it gives no results for the years 2020 etc.

      Thanks in advance.