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    Custom signon page before accesspoint


      Is it possible to have a custom sign on page before accesspoint, which controls the accessibility of the QlikView documents in the AccessPoint? I do not want to use the AD security but to implement my own custom level security.

      The usual way to access the AP is through the http://servername/qlikview/index.htm page. A custom webpage should control/pass the login information to AP. Based on the credentials, the AP should display the documents.

      I need every possible help in this. Please let me know if i need to elaborate on my requirement.

      Thanks in advance.

        • Custom signon page before accesspoint
          Stephen Redmond

          Yes, absolutely.

          You need to turn on DMS authentication.

          Your custom signon page must make a GetTicket call to the QlikView Server (and the service user for your application must be in the QlikView Administrators group) to get a Ticket then you can redirect that user to the QlikView server using that ticket and the QlikView server knows that they are authenticated already and won't try to re-authenticate against Active Directory.

          There are some examples of this in the Server reference manual.