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    Reload task is not getting abort.


      During the reload time using management console, we aborted one of the qlikview document.

      But after that file showing the message aborting for the pst 8 hours. We tried all options by restarting the Qlikview services as well as server.

      Also removed the reload schedule for the particular document.

      Still the particular task is displaying as aborting. We are not finding any other issues and all other documents are reloading properly except this one.

      Any help would be most welcome.

      We are using QV server 9.0 SR3



        • Reload task is not getting abort.
          Chiragkumar Gohel

          Please help me as well. I am also sailing in to same boat. I cannot abort reload task through management console.



            • Reload task is not getting abort.

              For me the issue was different, I was able to abort the task, but ii was always showing as Aborted and was never getting completed. We reinstalled the Qlikview server to resolve this issue.

              I believe if the aborting option itself is not working means, the source file may be missing from the source document folder. Try to create a dummy file with same name and put it into source document folder and remove the reload task for the document.