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    Using a variable in set analysis

    Marty Kunofsky

      I have a KPI chart that calculates SALES and COST OF SALES (COS).  The COS number consists of Project Based COS + a monthly RECONCILICATION (RECON) amount.  I have a simple set analysis formula:


      Sum({<ACCT_TYPE= {'COS'}>} AMT) +

      Sum({<ACCT_TYPE = {'RECON'}, FYP = {'201506'}>} AMT)


      The app has several filter panes. Two of them are: Fiscal Year and FYP (Fiscal Year + Period) Ex. 201506


      I need the set analysis portion FYP = {'201506'} to match the user selection in the filter pane.


      In addition, if there is no FYP selection, just FISCAL YEAR I need an assumption of the last month of the year" Ex. '201512'


      Any help is appreciated.