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    AJAX progress indicator bar

      I've been using the AJAX ZFC client more and more.

      One thing that seems to be missing (which the IE plug-in still supports) is progress bar for chart re-calculation.

      I would even be happy to have anything on the page that indicates that QV is working. Currently, the only way to determine if the server is still processing is by mousing out of the List Box (or whatever control you may have clicked on) and seeing the mouse cursor turn into a small hour glass.

      Ideally we could not only see a progress bar, but even indication in the browser icon that the browser is awaiting a response from the server. This latter indicator would be helpful when in multi-tab browsing, as I could be in a different tab, while keeping my eye on the progress indicator of the QV AJAX tab.

      Has anyone run into this need before? Are there any solutions available?