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    QEMC displays "No tasks to display" but there are scheduled reports

      Hi All,

      I would like to ask how to resolve an issue with the QEMC. We have several reports that are scheduled to reload automatically and they are visible in the Documents tab. The problem is, that the Tasks tab of the QEMC displays "No tasks to display" and the reloads DO NOT run at all. I do not receive any emails for failed reloads and the reloads do not even try to start.

      I have tried several service restarts, but the QEMC still does not show anything. The strangest thing is that the tasks dissappear randomly (we have not changed anything in documents/configuration, but the tasks dissappeared). In the past I managed to display them after clicking several times on "apply" button, but this does not help anymore.

      Has any of you got similar problems? Any ideas how to manage to reload the documents correctly?

      Thanks and best regards,


      P.S. I use QVS 9.0 SR3 under windows 2003 server SP2