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    QlikView NPrinting On-Depand report very slow

    Mohammed Sleem



      I designed couple of NPrinting reports. These NPrinting Reports are getting data from one single QVD. The QVD is on the QlikView server. So NPrinting is using the same QVD that the users are using in order to check the statistics.


      Currently all the On-Demand reports are very slow. It may tale more that 5 minutes to generate one single report.


      Please note NPrinting is on its own server which has about 128 RAM. QlikView server also have 128 RAM. While generating the single report I didn't notice any memory issues on both servers.


      Is there anything I can do to enhance \ trace the performance of the reports?

      Is there any way to have the reports generated in a better performance?


      Needs help please.