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    Dynamically Rename Dimension in Published app

    Sujith Madhavan

      I am trying to rename a Dimension in published app based on the value from another table

      The table structure is below



      LOC  Varchar2(50)

      QTY   Number



      LABEL1         varchar2(20)

      LABELDESC  varchar2(50)


      In the first refresh, I am renaming the Dimension "LOC" in TableA based on the LabelDesc value in Table B,

      Data for Table B is as below for 2 refreshes.






      When App is refreshed with the above data LOC field gets refreshed successfully, no issue in visualization

      displays the renamed field correctly


      when The app is refreshed with the below data, Visualization breaks as it specifically searches for the field "LOCATION-ALL"





      I have even tried renaming the field back to LOCATION-ALL and then rename it to LOCATION, it still does not work.


      Has anyone experienced this issue ?

      Note : This issue is only if the dimension is used in visualization and for published App