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    Select values from a measure?

      Hi Folks


      I need to select a certain set of values from a measure, for example, I have a percentage and I only need values below 80% in a graphic:





      In the previous graph values above 100% have to be discarded (deleted) from analysis.




      thanks in advance

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          Nakul Navre

          Click on Edit on the top and select the chart. Now in the left side properties pane, click on Data tab. Here expand the Dimension (by clicking on that small play > button to expand). You will see a property 'Limitation'. Click on the drop down value to choose 'Relative Value' or 'Exact value' (based on your data). Then select the last button <= .

          In the text field enter 100% (see attachment)



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            jagan mohan rao appala



            You can do this using Dimension Properties  Limitation option or you can also do this by dragging the mouse on X axis from 0 to 80% when you need it.


            Or you can use expression like below


            If(Expression <= 0.8, Expression, Null())


            Note: Replace Expression with your expression using in the chart.


            Hope this helps you.