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    NPrinting Service Account

    Leon Poll


      I am trying to set the requirements for NPrinting Service Account to my IT guys. The 'Configuring and Troubleshooting NPrinting Server Service and Schedules' says: 'Be dedicated, interactive, standard domain or local computer account and not shared with any other Windows Server Service'.

      The question: is there any potential danger to run NPrinting service under local to the server, but not a domain account (obviously it is satisfying the rest of requirements like be an admin on the server, different from QV service accnt, etc.,)?


      Appreciate in advance your help.



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          Frank Savino

          If you keep NP files (qvws, nsqs, templates) on the network separate from the NP server, the NP service account needs to access those files on the network.


          If you use a local account, then the NP service will not be able to access network stored NP files. It is simpler to use a domain account and add the domain account to the local administrators group on the NP server.


          It's a potential networking problem if you use a local computer account for the NP server service.