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    #BUG? Changing the Resolution for the PPT-Export

    Christoph Hebig

      Hi Community!


      As the title tells you, I'm trying to change the resolution for my PPT-Export and I find it really annoying to type in my preferred resolution.


      Can someone reproduce this little error or am I the only one?


      Here the way to the Bug:


      1. Open any Story in any App

      2. Go to the Menu and click on "Export to Power-Point"

      3. Choose "Custom" as Slide-Size

      4. Mark the number in the Width Box and Start Typing 1920 (see the changes on every number you type in)

      5. Same procedure for the Height


      So when I try to type in the 1, the number changes to 96 (minimal resolution).


      If this is a common problem, I hope this will reach the technical Support to get fixed.




        • Re: #BUG? Changing the Resolution for the PPT-Export
          Matt Pierce

          Hi Christoph, I have exactly the same issue.  I also find if carry on typing it maxes to 4000.


          The work around I've been using as I test this is to type the resolution in notepad and then copy and past into the field.


          I've been testing the ability to export whole sheets and have also found that the export fails if you add more than 7 sheets.  I'm still testing it to see if there is something specific the failure relates to.