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    how to connect web service?

    Edson Carlos Ericksson Richter

      I've created an account in Qlik Sense cloud, and I'm trying to create a connection with a web service.

      I has been done in QlikSense Desktop with great easy, but I can't find the option to do that in Cloud.

      I've managed to get into "Create new connection" button, but when I click it, I did expect a "drop down list" with type of connection - all I get is a black stripe in the corner:


      Would you please help me?






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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Edson,


          Thanks for your question - this capability is not yet available in Qlik Sense Cloud. I can inquire to find out, what future plans may be. This is because of the shared environment and the possibility of a potentially bad service bringing down the system. I know we are working on ways to govern this sort of thing. Let me find out for you.


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          Mike Tarallo


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            Sarah Kohler

            Hi Edson (and Vladimir)


            Thank you for your interest and exploration of Qlik Sense Cloud.  As Michael suggested, we are actively working on new functionality to release data connectivity, directly from the Cloud, as one connects directly in Desktop and Enterprise.


            This functionality will be rolled out in the second half of this year.


            We have prioritized our salesforce,com and REST connectors, but I am interested in your perspectives - do you see these as the most useful means to access the data sources you would wish to pull into a Qlik Sense Cloud app?  What other sources would you like to see released next?


            Thank you,


            Sarah Kohler

            Product Manager, Qlik Cloud

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                Hi Sarah,


                Glad to see you action towards fast shipment of the features.


                I believe that the second most important addition to REST should be Google Sheets connector. Because it is the easiest way to keep some sheet updated with the fresh metrics and keep QlikQ updating dashboards. Google Sheets would be the most visual and simple tool to start experimenting with QlikQ actually for many newcomers.

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                  Edson Carlos Ericksson Richter

                  Terrific news! Thanks.


                  Well, REST are great and will provide the desired results (at some cost).


                  But, If I can point to a URL that will return a CSV and/or a Excel spreadsheet as result, this will make life a lot easier (also, we avoid the fact that XML and JSon are bloated data formats).


                  IMHO, if you have the ability to get a CSV and/or Excel from a URL, you open a whole new world of possibilities.


                  If you would like to expand the idea, then I would say that would be great if Qlik Cloud can download any supported flat format from a URL.





                  Edson Richter