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    Testing getTicket.asp - Server.CreateObject Failed

    Jacob Wheeler

      We just installed QV9 and I am having some issues processing a ticket request.This same machine was running QVS8.5 (beta) and the getTicket functionality worked fine.


      ASP Code:

      Dim vUser,vCom,tktResponse

      vUser = Trim(Request.QueryString("u"))
      vCom = "<Global method='GetTicket'><UserId>" & vUser & "</UserId></Global>"

      set ntsecurity = Server.CreateObject ("QVSRemote.Client")
      ntsecurity.AdminConnect "localhost"
      tktResponse = ntsecurity.Execute(vCom)

      Response.Write "<textarea rows=2 cols=85>" & vCom & "</textarea><br />"
      Response.Write "<textarea rows=2 cols=85>" & tktResponse & "</textarea>"


      Server object error 'ASP 0177 : 800401f3'

      Server.CreateObject Failed

      /hello.asp, line 15


      Any ideas? Is there a DLL that may not be registered properly?My thought is that if this was a permission issue I should still be getting back some XML (<Error />).