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    About fabs,monthend,weekday

    prathap reddy

      Hi All,


      fabs(MonthEnd(Today())-  WeekDay( MonthEnd(Today())+1 ))


      Above Expression, What it will return Exactly.Explain each function what it will return exactly.


      Please help me out this issue.



      Thanks in Advance.




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          bruno bertels



          fabs(MonthEnd(Today())-  WeekDay( MonthEnd(Today())+1 ))


          Fabs() return an absolute value it's mean a positive value


          today() give the date of to day ( 02/24/16)

          monthend () give the last date of a month so monthend(today()) give the last date of the today's month (02/29/16)


          weekday give the number of the day in the week ( between 0 and 6 )


          WeekDay( MonthEnd(Today())+1 ) give the number of the day in the week from the first day of next month (03/01/16)

          so it's give 2 as result




          02/29/16 MonthEnd(Today())


          2      WeekDay( MonthEnd(Today())+1




          hope it's clear



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            balraj ahlawat

            Qlikview -> Menu Bar -> Help


            Everything is explained with examples, why not check it?