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    Join returns slightly different numbers than a pure link - why?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I am working on separating a list of filenames into a part that has to be processed with priority according to an Excel_shortlist and the rest.

      The files then have to be renamed. For the prioritary ones, I already know how I have to change the filename, so that will be time-consuming, but quite easy.


      The point where I'm a bit confused is this: I have the list of filenames and the shortlist - I have to join these to find out which filenames appear on my shortlist and which don't.

      To find out about this, I have made a copy of the keyfield in both of the tables - those fields are thus not linked so I can query them.

      When I don't join the tables, but merely link them via that keyfield, I can simply use a set of listboxes to

      - select all available values of that copy_of_keyfield in my table B (which will automatically make all the values in table_A selectable

         which match those and exclude all others)

      - select all excluded values in table_A => that will return all the values in table_A that do not have a match in table_B.


      => I can count both and the figures add up nicely to the total nr. of files, just like they should (e.g. 6.759 matching and 37.490 not matching)


      <=> When I do a JOIN on the same keyfield, however, the numbers change - the matching values (those where the copy_of_keyfield from table_B has a positive length) are more - so that the total nr. of files is not correct anymore. - I now have 7.263 matching and 37.490 not matching which in total is too much.


      This baffles me a bit - how can that be?


      Stranger still, if I do a RESIDENT LOAD from this with a WHERE clause querying the field >Bezeichnung< for a positive length, the number on the GUI is the same as in the last scenario (with the JOIN), but the table_viewer tells me there are even more records in the table, and I cannot find the others since there is no selection on the GUI. - the table_viewer tells me there are 7.673 records in the table, on the GUI it's 7.263 again.


      Can anyone help me shed some light on this? I'll try with a table_chart - and I guess there is no harm in attaching the qvd's I am using so you can hopefully reconstruct my issue and tell what I'm doing wrong.


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,