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    Qlik Cloud Plus - Registration oddities

    Simon Hogg

      I noticed that Qlik Sense Cloud now has a "Cloud Plus" offering (more space, bigger apps, same functionality as far as I can see).


      I went to the sign-up page to check it out and came up with two oddities;


      1. I got to a page which just had a price displayed.  I'm in the UK so it said "£12" with an authorisation for a recurring charge (as a subscription).  However there is no indication of what period that £12 covers.  Is it £1 a month? £12 a year? £12 a week?  I assume it's a month but I have no intention of accidentally finding out!
      2. When I got to the credit-card payments page the form was pre-filled with my name and telephone number, but the address was someone else's (the address was in Chester, UK).  That doesn't fill me with confidence that I can trust the service, especially as the transaction wasn't even being handled by Qlik.


      Things like this really need to be sorted out before any serious customer goes near it (IMO)!