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    Passing Parameters to a QlikView document viewed using AJAX


      I have read posts around this subject but have not seen a complete solution with a coded and working example (although I may have missed this) and I am aware that what I am trying to do may not be possible.

      In summary I am trying to embed a QlikView document inside of another web application. This document can only be displayed by AJAX. I would like this document to display only data relevant to the record being viewed in the web application (similar to this post http://community.qlik.com/forums/p/20880/108256.aspx).

      To achieve this I need to pass the record Id as a parameter to the QlikView document.

      From what I have read what can be done when using the IE plugin (http://community.qlik.com/forums/p/17744/69366.aspx) cannot be replicated when viewing the document by AJAX.

      Has anybody had any success in passing parameters to a QlikView document being viewed using AJAX? Are there any examples?

      Thanks in advance.