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    Qlik Sense - Create a "path map" inside a image

      Hi experts,


      I've a database with the personal data of the football team and I'm trying to create a specific dashboard to this topic .



      What I want to create is the composition of the team over a picture of a football field. Basically, if a assign some values to each player to used them in a Scatter Chart, I think I can't obtain the chart I want.



      Just as there is a Google Maps API , I enjoyed over an image of a field create the " path " of the starting lineup of the team.



      Below follows the attached image I'm trying to create.


      I think that the way would be with a scatter chart.


      If you see I'm need to have some values to x-scale and y-scale to put the players where I want. My problem is to align the chart with the image. Does anyone have any better idea to do this?


      So many thanks!