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    Date Range as Dimesion

    Hasham Khan



      I am struggling with the issue below and I assume it has a simple answer.


      I have to create a pivot chart with 2 dimensions must show the last 3 months worth of data as the first view. I have done using the code below in the calculated dimension field.


      The issue I am facing is that when a user manually select a MonthYear that is outside the dimension date range then the selected MonthYear does not appear. I have tried many if statments with GetSelectedCount etc but to no avail.


      Dimension 1: Division

      Dimension 2: =if(MonthYear <= vReportMonth and MonthYear>=vReportMonth-70, MonthYear)


      So if the chart is showing Oct-2015 to Dec-2015, when the user selects Jun-2015, the chart does not update to show the figures to show Jun-2015.



      Any ideas

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          Sunny Talwar

          I think you should consider using Set Analysis instead of using calculated dimension because they are more performance friendly. When will the user be selected a random MonthYear? In the MonthYear field itself, or is this a input box field?


          Do you have a sample you can share?

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            Digvijay Singh

            It appears that you want chart to respond on any MonthYear selection dynamically as well as initial prepopulated 3 months data.


            I think instead of freezing the duration through calculated dimension, you can have MonthYear as second dimension directly, along with month year filter field  with pre-selected months through select in field action trigger. This way it can take your new changes in month filter in case you want to see other months in the chart.

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                Hasham Khan

                Hi Digvijay,


                Yes you are right. Initially, it should be prepopulated with 3 months data and then upon selection it should dynamically change to show the selected MonthYear.


                I dont completely understand your suggestion. Would it be possible to provide an example?